Abuse of the elderly essay writer

We have to be aware that currently there are no federal laws protecting elders from elderly mistreatment.

Abuse of the elderly essay writer

Through the long shifts as a nurse, to the larger population of elders, caring for those who cannot help themselves is a rewarding job. From the wealthy to the poor, the sick to the healthy, all elders should get the treatment they deserve.

Elder abuse has become a major problem.

Abuse of the elderly essay writer November 21, Abuse of the elderly essay writer. Le travail rend il libre dissertations reflexivity psychology research paper essay occupationa therapy autism social interaction research papers on gun control la cancion de peronelle analysis essay. Respect of the elderly is a major concept in many countries and especially in societies with teachings of respect of others (Buddhism and Hinduism). Asians in particular are taught that the elder generation should be revered and respected because they are the parents of that generation. However in /5(6). Despite laws put in place to protect the elderly, state governments must enforce higher safety standards, and inform people through education about the effects of .

Abusers of older adults can be both women and men, and may be family members, friends, or even trusted others. The most common type of elder abuse is physical abuse, which is when a nurse intentionally implements any kind of pain or injury on a senior citizen.

Other types include sexual, which is any non-consensual act of contact, financial, such as stealing a residents funds or money, neglect, or failure to provide correct care to a resident, emotional, which could be causing distress verbally, abandonment, or when someone deserts an elder, and any kind of self neglect, which is a person not providing the proper escentuals to themselves.

One sign can not necessarily indicate abuse, many tell-tale signs that there could be a problem are. Any bruises, pressure marks, broken bones, abrasions, and burns could be an indication of physical abuse, neglect, or mistreatment. Many Unexplained withdrawals from normal activities, a sudden change in alertness, and unusual depression can be indicators of emotional abuse.

Intense relationships, or frequent arguments between the caregiver and elderly person are also signs. Any of these acts can be considered abuse What Is Elder Abuse? Many people believe that overworked nurses may be the cause of why residents are being abused.

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Studies show that over 3, nurses are stressed out and overworked. Long shifts and the on-call availability will wear a nurse down over time.

They will sometimes even have to work twenty-four to thirty-six hour shifts. This can make it hard for nurses to perform to their full ability. This would make it more considerable for an elder to not get there full care and end up being abused.

The most we could do was to beg a manager to come in and help, and this was unsuccessful 95 percent of the time. We were just told to do our best Schwamberger said. When your best means that your patients are at high risk of not being treated appropriately, many nurses choose to just walk away rather than risk our license for having to provide care in such a risky environment.

Some nurses say the reason they are overworked is because there are too many seniors and not enough nurses to care for them, often called work overload. By the yearit is estimated that Texas alone will have to inquire over 55, additional health care aides to maintain their current levels of healthcare.

In about twenty-five years, almost one fifth of Americans will be at least sixty-five years old. Others believe it is a privilege to have a growing elderly population. We should focus on what we can do to support aging. Also help create a positive future lies with five key needs among elderly people: We must respond to these needs if we want to help them to remain effective contributors in society.

Living older is also becoming the new normal. Elderly people are healthier and live longer now more than ever before. Many people do not believe that many elders use technology in their daily lives. This gives us more of a realistic view of how much more active and healthier elders are now.The main goal of a research paper on elderly abuse is to illustrate available evidence of prevalence and nature of mistreatment and neglect to the old people in the society.

The essay writer also covers other crucial factors necessary to help concerned individuals and stakeholders to address the problem. The National Center on Elder Abuse was established as part of the Administration on Aging's Elder Care Campaign. Adult Protective Services programs now exist in every state to serve vulnerable adults, particularly older adults, who may be at risk for abuse and neglect.

abuse of the elderly essay writer

Elderly abuse and neglect is an increasing age discrimination issue in the United States and violates the human rights to an adequate standard of living, equal protection under the law, and the right to be free from degrading treatment. Respect of the elderly is a major concept in many countries and especially in societies with teachings of respect of others (Buddhism and Hinduism).

Asians in particular are taught that the elder generation should be revered and respected because they are the parents of that generation. However in /5(6).

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The Issue Of Elder Abuse And Neglect Social Work Essay. Print Reference this No matter how minor or severe the abuse, nurses have a duty to assess elderly patients according to recommended protocols and report suspected abuse to designated authorities.

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abuse of the elderly essay writer

Elderly Abuse in America Essay “Every year an estimated 5 million older Americans are victims of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

And that’s only part of the picture: Experts believe that for every case of elder abuse or neglect reported, as many as 23 cases go .

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