Book analysis my side of the

He claims that he is snug and safe. When the entry ends, a slightly older Sam explains that before that blizzard arrived he worked for months building his house in the tree, learning to make fires, collecting stores of food, and so on. When winter arrived he had plenty of supplies, but he was still scared. Luckily he stayed safe and warm through the storm.

Book analysis my side of the

Book analysis my side of the

Add your rating See all 8 kid reviews. Teen Sam Gribley dislikes living in his large family's overcrowded New York apartment, so he decides to leave town and live on the land his grandfather used to farm in the Catskills. Once he's arrived at the wilderness that used to be Gribley's Farm, Sam applies all of his powers of memory and observation -- and everything he can learn in the nearby Delhi public library -- to survive on his own.

Sam learns how to hollow out a tree for shelter, build a fire, and forage, fish, and set traps for food. He even trains a falcon, which he names Frightful, to hunt for him. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Sam's adventures are timelessly exciting, and the details of his wilderness life are truly fascinating; readers can't help but admire his independence and wonder what his life would be like.

In addition, descriptions of the foods Sam eats cattails taste like potato if you chew them long enoughthe suit of clothes he makes from animal skins even underwearand the antics of animals he befriends provide loads of amusement to today's readers. In some ways, this novel is both simple and strange, but the premise is a winner and Sam's adventures continue to entertain readers year after year.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can discuss the notion of spending a year living alone in the wilderness. Would you like to do it? Why, or why not? Try keeping a journal like Sam, and write down the things you learn. Based on My Side of the Mountain.The violence in My Side of the Mountain is all against animals.

Hunters track and shoot deer near Sam's mountain home.

Book analysis my side of the

Hunters track and shoot deer near Sam's mountain home. Sam traps animals and butchers them for food and/or skins them for clothing or other necessities.

My Side of the Mountain fulfills a number of different genres of literature.

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Foremost, it is an adventure book, but not in the sense of a great journey. Instead, adventure comes to Sam. Characters of 'My Side of the Mountain' Despite being a book about a boy's experiences living on his own in the Catskill Mountains, My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George still manages.

My Side of the Mountain, written by Jean Craighead George in , is a survivalist story about a boy who runs away from home to live in the Catskill Mo Everything was white, clean, shining, and beautiful.4/5.

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The best on the internet. “My Side of the Mountain” is a young adult novel by Jean Craighead George, which follows a year spent in the wild by New Yorker, Sam Gribley.

When the novel begins, Sam has just made it through his first snowstorm successfully, and he recounts all the time that led up to it. In May, with only $.

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