Dialogue between two friends on drinking safe water

Fortunately tactics effective at scaring the public do not work in the scientific community. Pages of the EPA response summarize nine reasons presented in the petition that allege, "Purposeful fluoridation of drinking water presents an unreasonable risk to human health from neurotoxicity.

Dialogue between two friends on drinking safe water

Since her ascension to the office of Governor, Des Moines Water Works has requested a meeting with Governor Reynolds on numerous occasions. While Governor Reynolds continues to refuse to meet with Des Moines Water Works, she has appeared or partnered in numerous events with the Iowa Farm Bureau and other commodity groups in her first 13 months in office.

One would think the Iowa Farm Bureau could deal with being ignored in a news cycle so long as they have the ear of decision makers in Des Moines and Washington D. As well as Rep.


This is truly a breakthrough. The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy has failed. However, nitrate loads in both rivers has actually increased during that same time frame. The study also shows that Iowa is responsible for 55 percent of the nitrogen load is the Missouri River.

While it is indeed good and right to commend farmers who take the necessary steps to protect water sources and improve soil quality, a voluntary approach is never going to achieve the desired results.

It is time for a bold approach to address water quality in our state.

Fluoride and Drinking Water Fluoridation References

With no measurable improvement in our sources waters, Des Moines Water Works has no choice but to continuing investment to de-nitrify because the condition of the Raccoon River is deteriorating.

Our continued investment in the Saylorville Water Treatment Plant on the Des Moines River is necessary because it is more financially prudent to avoid the more heavily polluted Raccoon River. The current game being played by the Iowa Farm Bureau and our elected leaders is a dangerous one.

It makes ribbon cuttings and press releases touting unrealized success a priority, while the conditions of our source waters are simply ignored.

Dialogue between two friends on drinking safe water

The doors at Des Moines Water Works will continue to remain open to anyone who wants to discuss how we can all work together to improve water quality in the state.

We realize that unless our current leaders choose to leave the echo chamber they are currently residing in, not much is going to change. And that is unfortunate and dangerous."PULP FICTION" By Quentin Tarantino & Roger Avary PULP [pulp] n.

Saint Justin Martyr: Dialogue with Trypho (Roberts-Donaldson)

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Dialogue between two friends on drinking safe water

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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), agreed in , aim to halve the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation between and

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