Heat seekers and followers

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Heat seekers and followers

Infrared-Homing Missile Improvements The most famous of air-to-air missiles is the AIM-9 Sidewinder produced by some company in the USA, maybe elsewhere, I don't even want to click the three buttons it might take to find out who.

Stingers are also fairly well-known. They are what the Americans gave the Afghans so they could chase out the Russians so they could be replaced, later, by the Americans. Who also got shot down by Stingers.

Next time, make your battery packs proprietary, America, so they can't keep them powered forever by buying off-the-shelf batteries. How to eliminate the effectiveness of flares when used to throw off your ultra-expensive heat-seeking missile. The young kid, more intelligent than all missiles, and most defense contractors, would just throw up a hand to block the sun while continuing to look at the view out the windshield.

Does the average heat-seeking missile do this? The basic guidance system consists of an on-board ultra-high-speed video camera which they should have, not just some idiotic gimballed homing sensor bathed in refrigerant.

Said camera can have its video images processed through a video processor that cancels all pixels that have a heat signature that is outside of the operating heat range of a jet engine.

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Assuming flares are advanced enough to counteract this, then the means of discerning between what is a flare and what is a jet can become more sophisticated.

To this end, instead of targeting the parts of the spectrum that are produced by flares or jet engines can be eliminated entirely. Similarly, the parts of the spectrum put out by the various stages of the sun as it is seen across the sky can also be filtered out.

What would be left is not the hot exhaust or flares, but the heat of the aircraft itself, which is most likely going to be different than the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere. Another method is to examine the spectral emissions of the jet engines, cross-referencing those with the emissions from flares, and filtering out any emissions that are common to both, plus any that are unique to flares.

This will leave a selection of frequencies that can be regarded, with the rest being ignored. Since part of using flares, especially in a dogfight, like those ever happen these days, is to maneuver hard while deploying flares, to confuse the admittedly sub-idiotic missile into attacking the wrong target, missiles can also have more measures built in that increase their capability of finding, locking onto, and re-finding a target.

To that end, multiple cameras can be included on the missile, so that if, by some miracle of luck, the pilot manages to evade a trailing heat-seeker, the missile can see the aircraft's heat signature via its other on-board cameras, and make adjustments to once again change its heading and re-acquire the target.

Having large control surfaces for the missile will greatly augment this capability, and a vectored-thrust nozzle on its engine will also help achieve this end.

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Vectored-thrust nozzles may be phenomenally expensive when they have to last for years, but in a missile whose active life span is measured in seconds or minutes, they can be phenomenally affordable and easy to implement.

To further enhance the missile's capability to doggedly track down a target and damage it, the missile can be powered by a small jet engine, coaxial with the missile, that needs only to carry fuel instead of fuel and oxidizer, so that its range is dramatically increased.

A missile that can acquire a target, chase it down, possibly be thrown off by maneuvers that are the stuff of Hollywood movies, but then turn and re-acquire the target, chase it down again, and so on, until the target has exhausted its supply of 32g maneuvers, flares, or the pilot has merely busied himself patting himself on the back for his skill, is a missile that will garner more kills than the simple, dumb heat-seekers of old.

A further augmentation to the missile's capabilities is that it does not detonate when it is near the heat source, but only after it is past it, and detects that the aircraft is beside it.

This can be done with simple proximity sensors that have been around, in one form or another, since WWII.Herbs are heat seekers and when the days and nights turn cool the plants are stressed.

We transplanted Rosemary, Sage, Oregon Basil, Peppermint and Parsley today. But before bringing the plants indoors we sprayed all with Garden Safe Neem Oil Concentrate.

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Heat seekers and followers

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