Is all murder morally wrong essay

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Is all murder morally wrong essay

Morgoth the Oppressor says: What does it matter to me if I cause harm to another human being, or even end their life? Does the human race end because one human dies? Why does their future matter to me? Why do I care if someone else is in pain? But why does the emotional state of us matter?

What intrisically makes murder fundamentally bad? How do I justify not killing, not ending the life of another? There are several arguments I can think of, some already mentioned.

Rebuttal - The economy will not be affected so tremendously by one individual that it would collapse. The human race goes on, and society goes on, and I, the murderer, will go on, assuming I am not caught or killed because of my actions.

Rebuttal - Emotions are completely irrelevant because they do not cause death in most cases. Emotions go away in time. Rebuttal - There is no universal law granting human rights. I believe murder is wrong. I just recognize the fact I cannot justify why murder is wrong.

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This brings us to another point: From the observations of the behavior of feral children, adolescents, and adults, we realize they possess no moral values unless they learn new ones, or retain some from their infancy, and act largely upon instinct.

Many attempts to re-educate feral humans to become productive citizens have, in the large majority of cases, been unsuccessful. We are not born with morals, but rather, learn them from our guardians and from society.

Morals are a set of behavioral codes designed to maximize the benefits of life, liberty, and property, in the liberal sense. Some moral values have no bearing on benefiting life, on benefiting liberty, or benefiting liberty, but largely, most accepted modern moral values have some sort of beneficial power.

It is considered immoral to cause a deficit in life, liberty, or property, but again, we run into more contradictions.

Is all murder morally wrong essay

The murder of an individual in retribution for a killing is legalized in the form of execution. True to a Newspeak concept, execution is a legal form of revenge, and is considered by the majority of American society to be a moral value of benefit for the family and friends of the one killed by the individual about to be killed in turn for the killing.

Is all murder morally wrong essay

An argument against the reasoning that morals are not natural is that there are universal morals imposed upon us by a creator. The flaw with this argument is the observation of feral humans, and the fact that people can "get away with" criminal behavior and are not divinely punished in, at least, this life.

Another argument against environmental morality as opposed to naturalistic morality is that if the universe came into being without the help of a creator and is thus a result of random or logical chance, how did morality, which is not random, come into being?

Well, the problem here is that the person who put this forth, namely Batonfromage, is that he did not take into account logic and rationality. If murder were acceptable as if one blew a nose, human society would be largely destroyed.

Obviously, this is unacceptable, and rules against killing were put into place. A social contract benefits everyone. In conclusion, there are no moral values except the ones put into law. There are no universal rights or wrongs, and there is nothing wrong with anything or right with anything unless society or the individual who owns themself determines it to be so.It is time for the United States to mandate the death penalty for the crime of murder in all 50 states and to carry out the executions of those sentenced to death.

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Murdering a fellow human being is morally reprehensible for the reason that one has very little to gain from the act. The killing or even complete extinction of various plants and animals can be justified, if rather weakly, because humans benefit from it.

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