Is microsoft a monopoly

InfoWorld wrote that it [3] is widely recognized as the most influential company in the microcomputer-software industry. Some insiders say Microsoft is attempting to be the IBM of the software industry. The commissioners deadlocked with a 2—2 vote in and closed the investigation, but the Department of Justice led by Janet Reno opened its own investigation on August 21 of that year, resulting in a settlement on July 15, in which Microsoft consented not to tie other Microsoft products to the sale of Windows but remained free to integrate additional features into the operating system.

Is microsoft a monopoly

Culture Judge calls Microsoft a "monopoly" A federal judge has determined that Microsoft holds a monopoly in PC operating systems in an unusually decisive statement that could signal the outcome of the landmark antitrust case.

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January 2, 4: Although the lengthy statement--called a "finding of fact"--was not a verdict, the widely anticipated comments indicated that U. Because of Microsoft's sheer size and technology's important role in driving the global economy, the impact of the case will be felt well beyond the company's headquarters outside Seattle.

Microsoft's stock slid in after-hours trading into the high 80s after closing down 0. Ramifications could spread to all markets, however, because of its enormous influence as a longtime bellwether and a historic addition to the Dow Jones Industrial Average just last week.

Even though the case is still awaiting an official verdict, the Justice Department wasted no time in claiming victory. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said in a news conference that Jackson's finding affirms the position of 19 states in the case: The kind of innovation we do is absolutely encouraged.

Such motions could be filed as early as next week. Jackson may put that off until after the holidays. Prosecutors have argued that Microsoft unfairly leverages this market dominance to force acceptance of other products, most notably its Internet Explorer Web browser.

Prosecutors pointed to a portion of the statement devoted to that issue, calling it the "pivotal point" of the entire statement: Many of the judge's harshest comments were reserved for the end of his statement, which was pages long.

The empire has been infamous throughout the high-tech industry for its strong-arm tactics, though the company has steadfastly maintained that it has never violated any laws.

Depending on how definitive they are, the findings can be tantamount to a jury's decision, legal experts say. What's in store Given the particularly strong wording of Jackson's statement, both sides have a far clearer picture about where the case is headed and what conclusions of law--the legal consequences of the findings--Jackson might reach.

Either side could choose to file a motion for reconsideration if it disputes any portion of the judge's findings, no matter how small. That is not unusual in an antitrust trial, say antitrust experts, who noted the motions could be filed as early as next week.

The next step for both sides is to present their conclusions of law, tentatively scheduled to take place in about 30 days.

But Jackson is expected to put that off until after the holidays. Typically the briefings are staggered rather than presented simultaneously, which is likely to stretch out the next stage until late February. Most antitrust attorneys do not expect the judge's conclusions of law until late spring.

And the case is not likely to end there. Unless the two sides settle, Jackson's ruling will likely spark a string of appeals that many antitrust experts expect will reach the Supreme Court. Some have expressed concern that the case could have a lasting negative effect on the economy if Microsoft is found guilty.

The current boom has largely been attributed to the high-tech industry, which in turn has been relatively free of government regulation.

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That would be a disaster Legal experts have said that the Justice Department must prove consumer harm to win its case. Jackson determined that Microsoft's bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows did just that. Consumers were prevented from having more choices and innovation, he concluded.

Disputes over Java technology, which Microsoft has viewed as a significant threat, were the subject of another lawsuit filed by Sun. As expected, that company too had an opinion on today's events.

Judge calls Microsoft a "monopoly" - CNET

Jackson's "determination that Microsoft has monopoly power in the market for PC operating systems is supported by a wealth of evidence," Sun said in a statement.Apr 04,  · ''Because Microsoft achieved this result through exclusionary acts that lacked procompetitive justification,'' the judge wrote, ''the court deems Microsoft's conduct the .

I repeat: What makes Microsoft a monopoly is not their market share. It is actually much, much simpler. In a nutshell: It's that their entire product line rests upon state enforcement of legal monopolies of duplication called "copyrights" (that's what a copyright is: a monopoly on the duplication of an intangible such as software).

Apr 04,  · Editorial holds that Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson issued 'stinging ruling' that Microsoft had violated antitrust laws by abusing its monopoly position .

The Microsoft Monopoly: The Facts, the Law and the Remedy

The Microsoft Monopoly: Judge Jackson’s Findings leave no serious doubt that Microsoft is a monopoly -- that is, that it possesses market power in the market for Intel-compatible operating systems. Judge Jackson bases this conclusion on three factors. Apr 05,  · By the turn of the s into the 21st century it was a commonplace that Microsoft had, with Windows, a monopoly on desktop operating systems.

Apple had .

Is microsoft a monopoly

It was Friday, Nov. 5, when then-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates got the bad news. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson had declared that his company was a monopoly. And .

Is microsoft a monopoly