Operation management assignment make or

To gain sustainable competitive advantage operational decisions should be according to your business strategy. This study tries to explore that how operational decisions in Boeing Corporation an aero space and defense manufacturing firm and Arnold Palmer Hospital a service provider leads to a sustainable competitive advantage. Having a diversified product line with customized options Boeing allows to its customer a wide range of products according to their need. Boeing is also known from its quality and one of its teams had won gold award for implementing six sigma standards.

Operation management assignment make or

Level 4 Introduction Operations management basically deals with the organization and management of the resources and inputs in the organization in such a way so as to lead to most cost effective and efficient utilization of resources in production of the outputs or end results.

The current study basically deals with the study of the process of operations management in an organization and developing of an understanding of the various activities involved in the process of operations management.

The organization for this purpose is the Kingslice at Toronto, Canada, which undertakes the production of various kinds of bread for its restaurant business and the organization is well known for its bread and relevant products like pizzas. Thus the study of the various processes of the operations management at the company is aimed at developing an understanding of the competitive and cost advantage to the company without having to compromise the quality.

Thus the study Operation management assignment make or aims to develop an understanding of the various techniques used in planning of the operations in a company including network planning, critical path analysis, etc.

Operation management assignment make or

Also the light is thrown on the utility of the operational outcomes and use of operational planning and control for an organization. The role of tour operations management in maintaining of the quality of production and realization of the five operational objectives as speed, quality, cost, flexibility and dependability, thus the whole study is focused on making the operations of the firm as economic, effective and efficient as possible.

LO 2 Produce a system daigram to illustrate business LO 3 Understand how to organize a typical production process 3. In case of organizations, it is used to maximize the profit or any other variable from the given or limited amount of resources like labor or human resources and finances or money, etc.

The critical path is the longest path of the project initiation and the completion and thus it determines the completion time for any project. Critical path is the longest duration path of any task and involve various activities in the process Fredrick, The critical path elaborates the minimum time taken to complete the task and involve the key activities.

Thus the operational planning is related to making forecast about the future demands of the products and meeting the moves of the competitors. Also the company may plan new product range development by analyzing the changing trends in customers or target markets.

Thus the operational planning and control include making decision about quality of raw materials and outputs, schedules of the manufacturing process as per demands, analyzing any changes in the processes or shifts, inspection of the whole process, checking for dispatch in appropriate time, quality and quantity, managing inventories for uninterrupted operations, etc Hoop et al, All this is done to ensure hassle free and well performing of the operations of the organization.

LO 4 Be able to aplly techniques of production of a operational plan 4. Thus in case of the company Kingslice which operates in the restaurant business, the operational outcomes could be, a reducing the lead times: In case of an organization, the procurement of raw materials involves various stages and it can be done as follows:Operations Management Assignment Help Online.

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(b) Assignment – 50% of marks: The assignment is an opportunity for you to investigate operations management in practice and to carry out deeper investigations. We expect you to demonstrate further reading and investigation – and to compare what you see in your own organisation (or an organisation of your choice) with what is written in the 5/5(1).

Assessment Overview Operations Management is assessed by: (a) Examination (b) Group Assignment (individual in special circumstances) 50% 50% (a) Examination – 50% of marks: The examination will be 3 hours in duration and be composed of two Sections A 5/5(1).

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