Scholastic art and writing awards 2016 winners and losers

Stop with the projecting If you assume some factor is behind everything, it is very easy to find it everywhere you look—you just project it onto phenomena. Marxists assumed everything was driven by class dynamics and—surprise, surprise—they found it everywhere they looked. As a friend of mine said to me years ago; Marxist academics didn't look for evidence, they looked for footnotes. As the modernist left has been overtaken by postmodern identity progressivism--folk who have drunk the "post-Enlightenment" Kool Aid, which turns out to be just the Counter-Enlightenment rebooted--so has arisen the pattern of assuming malicious group projection racism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, etc is behind everything and—surprise, surprise—they find it everywhere they look.

Scholastic art and writing awards 2016 winners and losers

So I'm looking at the first two page spread and I see the tops of two people's heads, what looks like four trees on the left side, and the word "Slam! Okay, I think the setting is in a city. I use my background knowledge of cities to infer that a door to a balcony has just closed.

See how much thinking just went on with one spread? On the next spread, I see two more people below, one of them walking a dog. I think I see two feet on pedals where the balcony is located.

Is this a wheelchair? Then, on the next page a head appears leaning over the balcony. I'm flipping back and forth between two spreads to figure out more about the person on the balcony. I see, this is from the perspective of a person in a wheelchair on the balcony.

scholastic art and writing awards 2016 winners and losers

Now, more people are on the walkway and a single line of text appears. The girl in the wheelchair is asking the people on the street to "Look up! On a different page, you see the street filled with the tops of umbrellas.

Still no one looks up. Without showing any faces, and no text to support, we still sense the loneliness of the person on the balcony.

It seems like days have gone by without anyone looking up. Suddenly, a boy from the street raises his head. He comments that you can't see well from up there and the girl agrees. So he makes a clever and thoughtful gesture. He lies down on the walkway so the girl can get a better look.

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Then, another person comes by and asks the boy why he is lying on the sidewalk. When he replies, she decides to join him. Others come by and join as well. Soon, a lot of people are lying on the sidewalk. This creates a big smile on the girl's face.

The last spread reveals a surprise. I know a lot of teachers who work on having their students become "bucket fillers.

Let there be peace on Earth

This is a book that they will embrace. Shouldn't all of us work each day to bring a smile to someone's face? I see lessons on point of view and kindness emanating from this text. I see art lessons where students draw a setting from the perspective of the little girl.

Mostly, I see smiles on the faces of readers who know a good book when they see one.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 13

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August, Art . A Silent Art Auction of original works of art followed the ceremony, with Ashley Bryan as this year’s honoree. THE LOSERS CLUB, by Andrew Clements (Random House Children’s Books) The panel topics included writing as a queer author of color, what it’s like to publish a book, writing from the immigrant perspective and more.

If the economics of immigration are conceived in terms of the winners being the migrants and the holders of capital (with the more capital, the bigger winner you are) and the losers being resident workers and those dependent on them, then the political alignment makes perfect sense—migrant groups, public sector folk, the welfare.

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The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals’ (AMCP) announced its International AVA Digital Awards Competition winners and Erin Casey Lee sophomore Communication student won individual honors for her campaign entitled “{I}nd the Stigma” (pronounced End the Stigma).

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