The giver essay utopia

Table of Contents Plot Overview The giver is written from the point of view of Jonas, an eleven-year-old boy living in a futuristic society that has eliminated all pain, fear, war, and hatred. There is no prejudice, since everyone looks and acts basically the same, and there is very little competition. Everyone is unfailingly polite. The society has also eliminated choice:

The giver essay utopia

Hire Writer That can be seen in many works, where the community is perfect because it is under a controlled environment. In such books, as stated before, the community is controlled by a hierarchy of people, a government to maintain the peace and equality. They control every aspect of the community, from the living conditions to the lifestyle of its citizens Ferns 2.

The council instills fear into the heart of their citizens, to make them obey what is said by the council. They grow dependent on the council, and never think The giver essay utopia disobey the laws because they think they can not survive without the aid of the council.

The giver essay utopia

In addition to controlling the aspects of life in the community, the council tries to control the feelings and reactions of the citizens.

By erasing the idea of uniqueness and identity from the citizens, they continue to make them dependent upon the system. In such utopian communities, the members are not allowed to choose their spouses, professions, or children, therefore, eliminating the prominent characteristics of individuality Matteo.

Eliminating the choice of identifying yourself as a unique person decreases the sense of power given to the people. Under the controlled environment, the utopia suits the definition quite thoroughly.

A dystopia is defined as an imperfect and troublesome imaginary place. We continue to think this way until we realize the faults of the community and understand the idea that often all utopias are dystopias, granted that the reader and the protagonist are ignorant to the fact.

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We soon comprehend the characteristics that outline a dystopian society. These include controlling every aspect of life, eliminating Individuality and identity, and being secluded from the outside world, all of which are major characteristics of a dystopian society.

In a dystopia, usually we view the environment from an aspect of only one of the members of the community. However, as the reader continues on, they are interrupted by the sudden implication of abnormal aspects of the protagonist characters.

These examples can exert from their family, job, feeling, and events in their everyday life. The author finds a way to hint how strong the control of the governing council is forced upon the members of the community.

The protagonists of the story are always characteristized as different from the rest, and therefore they view their community differently Spencer.

The giver essay utopia

That ability can vary from the ability to see, hear, taste, or feel differently, causing them to appear intellectually superior to the citizens of the community Ferns Anything that gives the protagonist something special in personality is considered bad in the community, and is discouraged.

In most works, the protagonists are given those ability to increase their sense of individuality, causing them to revolt against their community. Standing up and revolting against the system is something that needs much strength and bravery, which is what is showcased by the protagonist.

In the book we are introduced to the main character Jonas and his behavior with his family. At first he seems to live a normal life. However, when he describes how his family came together was when he noticed that abnormalities began to appear. Jonas describes how his parents were picked to marry by the House of Elder governing partyand how his sister and he were given to them.

In other words, in his community people have no choice in who they marry or who their children will be. From choosing a spouse, to having children, and other factors such as career choice, all were decided by the House of Elders.

We perceive Jonas as the protagonist because it is apparent that he differs from his community. Lowry highlights his difference using his eyes as a symbol of significance and disorder.

Lowry refers to the subject in a reflection by Jonas: His parents did, and Lily did, and so did all of his group members and friends. But there were a few exceptions: We see that Jonas has special characteristic of a dystopian protagonist.

He stands different from the rest and, therefore, conflict is created because he realizes his individuality. These memories range from snowstorms, to wars fought, to simple happy moments. Some were very comforting, while others haunted Jonas.

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The story then drifts to a scene where a little baby that his father is taking care of named Gabriel. He took care of him, and Jonas helped by giving him sweet memories to make him fall asleep. Seeing his effect of being able to comfort Gabriel, Jonas starts to think that the people of his community should see these memories.The giver utopia vs dystopia narrative essay November 11, By The giver utopia vs dystopia narrative essay.

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We see in The Giver, that Lowry explains the utopia as a good place. Jonas’s characteris shown to have a good life, until he discovers the truth about his community. The Giver Research Project. Lois Lowry dedicates The Giver “For all the children to whom we entrust the future.” In a past interview, when asked why she chose to address the uncomfortable issues of euthanasia, controlled population, dictatorship and totalitarianism control, genetic engineering and laboratory births, restricted individuality, disconnected families, and the truths behind.

Sample Student Utopia Comparison Essay. To preserve the essence of humanity, people must have freedom of expression, free will, and equality. Any attempt to create a utopia must respect, honor, and nourish these human needs; for without them the society will become a dystopia. Utopia vs.

Dystopia Vocabulary Summary for $ Questions and Answers Timeline Project Essay In the novel The Giver and in the movie , some things are very much the same, however some things are quite different. These two have different societies and rules or bases of life by which they live by.

Below is an essay on "Themes in the Giver and Pleasantville" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Year 10 comparative Text response Summary Utopia Vs Dystopia.

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