Writing a person specification nhs

How do I put together a person specification? Untitled Document Sometimes you want to get exactly the right person for your position and you'll want to put together a personal specification. This is as opposed to writing a general job description.

Writing a person specification nhs

Develop networking opportunities within the wider deanery and HEE teams and the local primary care community Develop a project over the scholarship that is written up and presented Attend key meetings within the GP Speciality Training programme Patch and the school Attendance at regular scholar meetings — 2 per year at the deanery, and 2 per year with their scholar small group Keep a log of how and when their scholarship time is used and on what activity to ensure they remain within the additional time offered.

Writing a person specification nhs should be shared with their ES. Attend recruitment training and taking part in Stage 3 of the GP Recruitment Process Work sustainably including sensible use of office equipment, facilities, and supplies, considering carbon expenditure when travelling, working electronically where possible Adhere to the guidance and specific job description notes for their individual scholarship GP ST3 Central Leadership Scholarship Programme Specific Scholarship Job description In addition to the general aims of the scholarship programme, the purpose of this post is to offer the opportunity to develop leadership skills within the context of the NHS, particularly in relation to the work of the running of the SoPC.

Such skills will help equip them for future appointments within clinical commissioning groups CCGs and the NHS as a whole. This experience and the acquired skills will help equip them for a leadership role in Health Inequalities in the future in deaneries, universities and the NHS as a whole.

There will be one GPST3 on this programme based in a training practice serving a deprived population. Trainees must highlight why their practice will benefit from this scholarship in relation to their practice population.

GP ST3 Public Health Scholarship Programme Specific Scholarship Job description In addition to the general aims of the scholarship programme, the purpose of this post is to offer the opportunity to develop leadership skills within the context of Public Health. This Programme is of 3m duration.

Understanding of the wider determinants of health and health inequalities Application of principles of epidemiology Statistics and critical appraisal skills Use and interpretation of routinely available health related data Assessment of evidence relating to the effectiveness of health and healthcare interventions, programmes and services Communicable disease surveillance and control Working with and leading multi-disciplinary teams within and outside the NHS to develop and implement policies and strategies to improve health GP ST3 Sustainability Scholarship Programme Specific Scholarship Job description In addition to the general aims of the scholarship programme, the purpose of this post is to offer an opportunity for specific sustainable healthcare training as well as an opportunity to practice such skills in an educational context in Health Education South West Severn.

This will involve learning about the science and methodology of sustainable healthcare from underlying concepts to implementing change.

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Some of the key mentors for the year the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare are based in Oxford. Educational Opportunities Educational support from the Sustainability Lead of GP School Networking opportunities and support from experts in the field of sustainable healthcare Project work, for example in: Such skills will help equip them for future appointments within Substance Misuse services as well as equipping them to better manage patients with drug and alcohol problems within the wider primary care setting.

This Programme is of 3 months duration. The post allows for two sessions a week of specific Substance Misuse training to be provided by Turning Point, the Drug Misuse charity. It will be based at Turning Point, which is located in Wiltshire and Somerset.

Such skills will help equip the Scholar for future appointments within deaneries, universities and the NHS as a whole. The School is aware that information technology is rapidly developing and that we need to utilise this to enhance the learning opportunities of our GPSTs.

Many of the GP educational supervisors and GP educators are from a different generation from their GPSTs and there is potentially a gap in the extent to which they use the new technology. No formal understanding of computing or programming is need.

The use of social media from an educational and communication point of view is key to the future of GP education in Severn.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, An Overview

As an example, this year we have been keen to run a liaison project with the University of Bristol to set up a special study module about antimicrobial resistance for 4th year medical students.

A hot topics scholar would replace an existing scholarship, where appropriate, and would allow us to be able to fill a potential gap at recruitment. We are not, therefore, expanding the total numbers of available scholarships, just that this is a different way of gaining one. Primary care delivery and education is evolving very rapidly at present.

As such we would like to have the ability to respond to exciting project ideas as they arise.

Section 2: Person specifications

Hence the idea of a Hot topics leadership scholarship to plug this gap. This may not be confined to primary care. The role of the CRN is to promote, encourage and support primary care organisations in undertaking both academic studies and commercial studies.

writing a person specification nhs

Studies are adopted nationally and locally by the National institute of Health. The CRN does not commission research.

The post will give the scholars the opportunity to work with primary care researchers, the CRN and academic primary care. The scholars will also act as champions for Primary Care research, and encourage all primary care organisations and clinicians to embrace research and to take part.

The posts are not limited to registrars appointed to research active practices.The DBS is working with SAFERjobs, asking organisations to join its scheme that aims to tackle the rise in fake background screening checks. This two-day workshop is designed specifically for anyone who undertakes the case investigator role in investigations about doctors, which may emerge from the processes underpinning re-validation or from concerns raised about performance.

It is important to write effective job descriptions and person specifications. A job specification is a detailed description of the role, including all responsibilities, objectives and requirements.

Page 3 of 11 Develop competencies, skills and confidence in writing reports and making appropriate referrals to variety of agencies and partner organisations. Forced entry by the police - saving life or limb, Syed v DPP, welfare checks, concern for welfare, Syed v Director of Public Prosecutions, concern for safety. The twelve aspects of care described in the document draw together, for the first time, guidance on the quality of care service users may expect from health and social care.

A person specification is a profile of your ideal new employee, including skills, experience and personality type. Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, Abortion, a subject often discussed in medico-legal circles, interims various streams of thoughts and multiple discipline, like theology, because most religions have something to say in the matter, ethics, because human conduct and its moral evaluation are the basic issues involved.

This specification and its sibling Archetype Definition Language specification have benefited from formal and informal input from the . The job specification is a tailored description of the vacancy, including the responsibilities and goals of the post-holder.

The person specification is a profile of the person you consider best fits the bill. Job and person specifications also help candidates.

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